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From what began as a simple one hour all sports show by founder Larry B. back on May 15, 2014 all the way till now it has been quite the journey and we're only just beginning. Throughout the last five years IE Sports Radio has become an international sports podcast network consisting of a team of twenty six colleagues that range from California, throughout the United States, into Canada, and over to the United Kingdom that was assembled through social media. We have a total of thirteen shows at the moment that reoccur each year. Some of our shows are year around and some of them have seasons which follow the seasons of the specific sport or sports they cover. We are available on six platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and on Spreaker where we host all of our shows live. You can reach us at iesportsradio@gmail.com and be sure to check out our social media pages on Twitter and Instagram at @ IESportsRadio and also on Facebook at IE Sports Radio. We're dedicated to delivering the latest in sports without the controversy and we're proud of it. We thank all of our loyal listeners who have been listening from the beginning, our loyal listeners who tuned in somewhere in the last few years and have stayed aboard, and all of our newest listeners who may become loyal listeners in the future. We thank you all for making IE Sports Radio Your Direct Feed For All That Is Sports!