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Da Skoly Teller

Wednesdays at 1pm CST

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Austin B.

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Hello there, I'm the voice behind “Da Skoly Teller,” and I can't wait to share my journey and passion for Minnesota sports with you. Hailing from Bismarck, North Dakota, my love for sports, especially the Timberwolves, Vikings, and Twins, runs deep. My adventure in the sports world began at Full Sail University in Florida, where I studied entertainment business. Dreaming of a career in sports, I even snagged an internship with the Tampa Bay Lightning. But life had its twists. When finances got tight, like most post graduates, I found myself back home, starting a business. It was tough, but I knew it was a step towards something bigger. Fast forward seven years, my business is now steady, and I've got this amazing chance to dive back into what I've always loved – sports. Joining IE Sports Radio as the host of “Da Skoly Teller” is a dream come true. I’m here to chat about the teams we love, share stories, and just enjoy the world of sports together. I’m truly excited and humbled by this opportunity. Can't wait to have you tune in and be part of this sports-loving community. Let's make “Da Skoly Teller” a space where our passion for Minnesota sports shines. Here's to many great episodes ahead!

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