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Jul 2

USWNT on to their third Women’s World Cup Final! But is VAR taking away from the beautiful game or is it helping?


The USWNT team is on to their third Women’s World Cup Final to play the winner of Sweden vs the Netherlands but VAR technology may or may not have made a great game even better. As a proud American I am very proud of the USWNT for the victory but was England robbed out of at least extra time? What does everyone think of VAR?

VAR feels like it's slowing down the game drastically as it is made now. It takes way too long to get a call corrected, and you saw what it did today, adding SEVEN Minutes to the end of the game.

Issue I have with VAR is it is slowing the momentum of the game. It's taking away the "soccer" aspect of the game. Some of the calls are getting ridiculous. The PK, seriously that was the biggest flop known to man kind, but then again the goal she was clearly off sides. Just like in other sports replays can affect the game. Not a fan of it at all.

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