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Jun 28

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  • Tyreek Hill was accused of abuse on his ex fiancé and 3 year old son during a argument. Early this year he denied the allegations but plead guilty to the charges in 2015. The NFL has now decided he will not punished and can join the Chiefs during practice and team activities. Should he be banned until the investigation has been closed? How should the NFL handle abusive situation in the future? Do you think they are a cases by case situation?
  • The USA Women’s National Team just won their fourth Women’s World Cup in Women’s World Cup history and their second back to back! That was an awesome Women’s World Cup and I certainly enjoyed it from start to finish! What were your thoughts on the 2019 Women‘s World Cup and on one of the most dominant teams ever in the history of sports The USA Women’s National Team?
  • Howdy everybody! It’s Teran Rodriguez here. I’m going to be doing another episode of Bases Loaded in about 40 minutes. It’ll be me and Blake Hendley tonight. We’ve got a loaded night of baseball and softball to talk about. Don’t miss it.