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Let's Wine About DMV Sports

Mike Patt

Fridays at 9pm EST

Let's Wine About DMV Sports Drop
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IE Sports Radio Blog

Mike had been running his own personal blog for some time, so when Larry B asked him for help with the IE Sports Radio blog, he happily obliged. Now the chief editor and head of the team of bloggers, IESR hopes Mike can carry the blog to new heights as the network continues to grow. Mike only has one message; GO DMV SPORTS!

Let's Wine About DMV Sports

Two events in 2018 forever changed Mikes involvement with IE Sports Radio. First, he was hired to work at Total Wine & More, where he developed a enjoyment for learning about and tasting wine and beer. The second was the birth of his son. While a joyous occasion, this event cause him to step away from being an IE Sports regular for a brief time. 

Mike was given the opportunity to have his own show, and took a leap in combing his life long passion for all sports with his new found passion for wine. Hence “Let’s wine about sports” was born; a show where tasting wine and complaining about your favorite sports teams come together. Over two years and 100 episodes later, and it never gets old. 

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