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A Hopeful Return For Sports. A Hopeful Return For Football.

On April 4th, 2020, President Trump spoke with the commissioners of the major sports leagues in the United States about the possible return of sports this year and when that could be. It was said that President Trump thinks the NFL should start on time in September, which makes may football fans happy; however, how realistic is it? There’s no doubt that President Trump is trying to be optimistic as the rest of us are that everything will be ok by the fall, but with devastating numbers of cases and deaths due to COVID-19, it’s smart that everyone also doesn’t get their hopes up. For the last month, the world has been without sports, the Olympics have been pushed back a year, and a large number of people have been out of work and school. It is believed that President Trump would like for sports to reboot the US economy after this disaster and sports would definitely make that happen. We saw how after 9/11 people rallied behind their teams and sports was a way of coping and coming together. There is a big chance that sports could have the same effect nineteen years later; however, how soon that may be is still uncertain.

As of this very moment, we are in the middle of April and there is no vaccine in sight. Though the majority of Americans love sports, the focus is without a doubt on the crisis that is currently taking place in our country. Sports fans all over the US aren’t happy with the cancellations, postponements, and hiatuses that have all been caused by COVID-19, but there’s no doubt that though we miss our sports, we want what’s best for the greater good of our country and the world much more.

If the NFL does in fact start on time, then we will have made great progress by September. It’s hard to believe that football would begin under any circumstances like the current state of the country if major progress wasn’t made by then. As of right now, we as a country our doing our best to stay home and only leave for essential items if we are out of work or if we have essential jobs. Also, the practicing of social distancing and wearing masks are much needed to fight off this virus that has made a mess of things this last past month. Overall, if we Americans continue to do the things we need to do to stay healthy, there is plenty of hope that vaccine will be made and we can all get back to our sports and our lives as soon as possible.

Blog by: Larry B.

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