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Happy Nine Year Anniversary IESR

By: Mike Patt

Hello sports fans, and welcome back to the IE Sports Radio Blog. This past week, IESR celebrated it’s nine anniversary. That’s right folks, it was nine years ago that station founder Larry B kicked everything off with the first episode of our flagship show, The Defining Moment. It is wild to see how different the sports landscape was in 2014. Florida State won the college football national championship, and has been on a roller coaster ever since. Peyton Manning was getting wrecked by the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl; he’s now a Pro Football Hall of Famer. The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals were the two best teams in the American League, which feels laughable given their performance since. The list of sports changes could go on for days.

Our Network has also undergone quite a few changes in that time. What started as basically a one man, one show operation has grown to approximately 30 members contributing to over 30 shows throughout the week. We cover every sport, most major cities/regions, and have something for sports fans to enjoy every day. We are passionate group, full of a variety of sports knowledge and more than it’s fair share of strong opinions. The faces are always changing, but that comes with the territory of a growing network. What has remained the same from the beginning is that IE Sports Radio is by the fans, for the fans, and continues to be your direct feed for all that is sports.

My journey with IESR has been quite adventurous. My first appearance was a guest spot on Fast Break (our basketball show) during the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament with then host Phil Jones and Larry B. That led to a guest spot on the Three and Out (our NFL show) NFL Draft special a month later, and eventually an invitation to join the Three and Out team full time. I had to leave that role when my son was born, but I eventually came back with my own show, Let’s Wine About Sports. That show developed into our DMV show, Let’s Wine About DMV Sports, and I also began the IE Sports Radio Blog. Quite a history if you ask me. Many of us have equally exciting stories, stories that will continue to grow.

From station founder Larry B: “It has been an incredible journey. I never would have thought that the small podcast I did nine years ago would have turned into this. I have met some of the best people I will ever know, and the craziest part is that it hasn’t been in person. Being able to oversee this network has been a huge blessing because of the great people who are in it. We have done something that’s never been done. We are doing what larger sports networks do, except without the cameras. We come from humble beginnings and I’m happy that all of our hosts are diehard fans with a true passion to talk sports for an hour a week. To me, that’s the rawest you can get. What better person to talk about a region of sports than someone who has been brought up in that region and loves those teams to their core?

You have people who have been fans since they were young and aren’t afraid to tell you what they really feel. They love their teams and they give you pure passion. What we have created at IE Sports Radio is an outlet for the true diehards to speak their mind to others just like them. This is special. Once again, I would have never thought that my little one hour podcast on Mixlr back on May 15th, 2014 would have turned into this. As a special treat, for the 10 year anniversary week next year I will be re uploading that show to Spreaker for everyone to hear. I was nervous, I was excited, and I was trying my best to be entertaining. It wasn’t the best show, but it was my start.”

And there you have it folks. Thank you to everyone who has tuned in over the years. It means a great deal to us, because without you, we would not be here. Keep listening, and we will keep providing the best gosh dang sports content we can. Here’s to another nine years and beyond. Shout out to our patreon supporters for their continued support. Visit for more information about our patreon tiers and how you can help us more today. Thank you all for reading, and we will see you next time on IE Sports Radio; your direct feed for ALL that is sports.

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