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Is McGregor’s Reign Over?

By: Marcus LosGreat Hello everybody, and welcome back to IE Sports Radio. Today we are talking MMA, specifically Connor McGregor following his loss to Dustin Poirier. McGregor cannot compete for gold at 155 or 170 anymore. Could he ever? He was 2-1 against Nate Diaz at 170. Now he’s 1-2 against the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dustin Poirier and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at 155. What’s the Deal? The problem is his power which made him so special and so dynamic at 135 and 145 respectively has not been the same at the higher weight. Don’t get me wrong McGregor can still crack at the higher weights. He can still buzz and rock you at the higher weights. His power just isn’t stopping anyone in their tracks anymore. His one punch KO ability has been nonexistent at 155 and 170. If McGregor wishes to regain the old Conor form, he must do so at 145. But can he make 145 anymore? Can he make the sacrifices in his life to make 145 anymore? It’s hard to make those sorts of sacrifices when you have 600 million in the bank! As Mick told Rocky in the Movie Rocky III the worst thing for a fighter is to become civilized. And McGregor has all the expensive toys, all the fancy cars, all the biggest houses. It’s been a long golden road for him and longtime sweetheart Donna. They are living the lifestyle of their dreams! And at age 32 it would be easy just to pack it up and call it a career! But McGregor is a fighter, and fighter’s careers don’t end on high notes. Usually, the sport has passed them by, and they become shells of themselves. It’s easy to say today McGregor is a shell of himself. It’s easy to say that he’s no longer got the thing that made him special and to write him off. You could even call for his retirement and no one would bat an eye! But McGregor, if you are listening, the old McGregor lives. Unfortunately, he lives at 145. Time to get to work!

Thank you all for reading, and we will see you next time on IE Sports Radio; your direct feed for ALL that is sports.

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