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The End of The XFL?

This last passed week, the XFL had suspended operations. As unfortunate as this is, it looks like another spring football league has fallen apart. Like the WFL in the seventies, the USFL in the eighties, the Arena Football League that had a nice thirty two year run from 1987 to 2019, the first launch of the XFL in 2001, and the AAF in 2018, the XFL has yet again sputtered. The league had reached five weeks, and though there was a decline in numbers, it was still going strong until the world was hit with something that no one was prepared for. It’s been about a month since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the world has been on hold ever since. We have seen the cancellation of March Madness, the hiatuses of the NBA and the NHL, and the delaying of baseball season. From motor sports to stick and ball sports, we have experienced a world without sports for the first time since the late 1800s. Along with the rest of sports, the XFL has become a causality and since there’s no money being made because of the quarantine, the league can’t survive. Though there has been a significant singing of XFL players to the NFL in the last few weeks, which can be seen as a positive for those players and the fans of the teams that they went to, the main focus is on a league with so much promise that has collapsed. At the moment, there hasn’t been any official word of the league folding completely but there also hasn’t been any reports of its return next year. I guess you can say that the XFL is at a current standstill, but how long will it remain there before a decision is made? The relaunching of the XFL brough so much promise and the league had much more potential to survive this time versus it’s first season in 2001. It’s fair to say that the XFL of 2020 in just five weeks was already better than the XFL of 2001 and they got to complete the entire season. The XFL’s run this year may be over, but let’s try to stay optimistic. Though no final decisions to continue or to disband the league have been made, let’s hope for the best and that this league filled with tons of promise for the players with hearts full of hope continues next year.

Blog written by Larry B.

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