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The IE Sports Radio Family

Larry Belmontes

Founder of IE Sports Radio, Social Media Manager, founder and host of The Defining Moment, founder and cohost of Three And Out, and founder and cohost of Three And Out: College Edition

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Meet Larry Belmontes. Larry known as "Larry B." on air founded IE Sports Radio in May of 2014 and is the host of The Defining Moment, cohost of Three And Out, and cohost of Three And Out: College Edition. Larry has played football for over the last fifteen years including high school, college and semi pro and has recently began playing rugby. Larry graduated with his Bachelor’s of Arts in History from California Baptist University in 2015 and has returned to his alma mater for grad school as he is pursuing his masters in communications starting this fall of 2019. Larry is a diehard Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, LA Galaxy, Anaheim Ducks, Inter Milan and USC Trojans fan and loves auto sports along with a variety of many different sports around the world.

Alexander Gaines

Cofounder and cohost of Bases Loaded

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Meet Alexander Gaines. Alex was the second member of IE Sports Radio and was featured on the second ever broadcast of the network back in May of 2014 along with long time best friend and founder of IE Sports Radio Larry B. Alex has been an athlete throughout the majority of his life as he grew up playing a variety of sports such as soccer and baseball in grade school and middle school and football and wrestling in high school. Alex has always been a huge Boston sports fan through family ties and he stays true to his Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and New England Revolution despite growing up in Southern California. He is also a big Notre Dame fan. Alex began Bases Loadedin 2018 with colleague Blake Hendley; however, as worked picked up with new promotions he was unable to continue after the first month. Alex looks to return to if not cohost at least be a guest during the 2019 season.

Felicia Ruiz

Cofounder and cohost of Ring Rambling Radio

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Born and raised in L.A., Felicia became a wrestling fan in her teens, starting off with WWF/E. That fandom grew over the years up until present day as her interest spread to ECW, Ring Of Honor, NXT, New Japan, and most recently All Elite Wrestling. She also has been a huge supporter of local Southern California companies for 20 years and counting, so it's pretty safe to say she knows her stuff when it comes to wrestling! Currently Felicia lives in Orange County and is also a huge baseball fan. She loves the Angels, but her favorite player is her son Austin who plays Pony Youth Baseball as a star 1st baseman. Felicia also enjoys football, tagging the Broncos as her favorite. You can find her on Twitter @Felicia_Says and on Instagram @cherrybomb611

Marteen Sandoval

Cofounder and cohost of Ring Rambling Radio

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"Since the fall of 2014 along with Felicia Ruiz, Marteen Sandoval joined IE Sports Radio & started the show that would later be known as Ring Rambling Radio. A lifelong fan of professional wrestling, the "So Cal Saint" brings that life long passion to every entertaining episode of the Triple R. The team now joined by Matt Petrushka continue to be a cornerstone of the IE Sports Radio family 5 years strong.

Niko Green

Founder and cohost of The Neutral Zone

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Niko Green was born into hockey and is a diehard for life!! Canadians take the game of hockey pretty serious and the passion for the sport is unmatched!! Catch our Resident Hockey Expert on The Neutral Zone each and every week through hockey season.

Phil Jones

Founder and cohost of Fast Break and cofounder and cohost of The UnPhiltered Truth

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Phil Jones born in Columbia Maryland second year working with sports content production. In a short amount of time I have been working my way up from being the host of a basketball podcast show to interviewing current and former NFL players Anthony Dorsett jr. ,Tim Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Grant Hill and etc. I help producing a podcast shows, and interviewing local media members. I'm looking to take this to the next level. NFL/ NCAA media | Sports reporter for Postgame Central /SB Nation Radio| On air Personality at IE Sports Radio.

Vince Wright

Founder and cohost of Ringside

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Darryl Kinsey Jr.

Founder and cohost of The Extra Mile

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Darryl Kinsey Jr was born in Cheverly, Maryland and near instantly fell in love with the world of Motorsports. That love for all things fast spurred him to create the fist iteration of The Extra Mile during his freshman year of college. Now a graduate of Bowie State University, Darryl works as a sports reporter and broadcast engineer at WBGR Sports and Entettainment Network, in Lanham, Maryland. You can hear him with co-hosts Lalita Chemello, Michael Ward, and Caitlin Siem on the new "Extra Mile", thursdays at 8pm on IE Sports Radio.

Michael Ward

Cohost of The Extra Mile

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I am a computer science student and Anime fan with a passion for motor sports since I was 7 years old I often watch F1 and various endurance racing  and enjoy discussing it on The Extra Mile.

Matt White

Founder and host of Two Wheels Wednesday

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The host & creator of Two Wheels Wednesday, Hot Laps as heard on The Extra Mile & regular Motorsport contributor to The Defining Moment. Check out @MattWhiteRacing on twitter for the racing news & notes, 2 wheels & 4!

Blake Hendley

Cofounder and cohost of Bases Loaded and chost of Three And Out: College Edition

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Husband, Father, an Sports Fanatic of the Astros, Aggies, Texans, & Rockets. Absolutely obsessed with all things Baseball an both college an pro football. Huge advocate of coaching and teaching the game to youth an the next generation of fanatics an statistic junkies!

Phil Robinson III

Cohost of Fast Break and cofounder and cohost of The UnPhiltered Truth

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I started writing back in 2016 for a site called cover 32 dot com. It was a little while later, that I moved on to begin writing for the Raider Ramble dot com. And that’s where I met Larry and became a part of the IESports Radio family. After a guest appearance on The Fastbreak Show, I realized the natural flow me and (Phil) Jones had and we been getting down ever since.
I am NFL digital media and NCAA credentialed media. I am a reporter for SB Nation Radio’s Postgame Central. 
I love sports, have grown up loving sports my whole life, and I love sharing my love of sports with each and every one of you.

Lalita Chemello

Cohost of The Extra Mile

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Born in the heart of the Motor City, it was only natural I.E. Sports Radio’s “The Extra Mile” co-host, Lalita Chemello, would have a deep love and affinity for motorsports. From her first time on a track at MIS with Wally Dallenbach behind the wheel, to her own opportunity to drive an indy car there 20+ years later, she truly lives for the world of speed. She joined the I.E. Sports team in 2017, just a season after she launched GpGrl.com, where you can find her work following Formula E, Formula 1 and the IndyCar series. And the car-love continues at her dealership day job where she produces their automotive maintenance blog. She also moonlights as a freelancer, with her most recent work featured in Porsche Club of America’s Panorama.

Gabriel Montoya

Host of The Soccer Scoreboard Show

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Mike Patt

Born in a hailstorm of fire, raised by a pack of wolves, the man simply named Montoya was always destined for greatness...
Legend has it, crawling out of the womb himself and high fiving the doctors. He began juggling a soccer ball at 6 days old, and never looked back. He has played the beautiful game all over the world and is known as the Guru, the Jefe of the most popular sport in the world. He now resides in Long Beach, California, the city by the sea, but his heart belongs to soccer/futbol/football! Now working for LASoccerNation.com, he interviews the best team in the States, the LA Galaxy. Bringing in guests and doing the show live from different bars in Long Beach, it's time to GET STUCK IN with Gabriel Montoya and The Soccer Scoreboard Show..GOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL

Cohost of Three And Out and Founder of the IE Sports Radio Blog (Formally Mike's All Sports Blog)

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Meet Mike Patt. Mike has been a football fan for the last twenty one years since he was six years old. He loves watching the game; although, he claims he that he wishes that he was better at playing it lol. Mike graduated from Florida State University FSU in 2013 with his Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology and has been a diehard Seminoles fan ever since. After that he graduated with his masters in Climate Change Science from North Carolina State in 2016. After being a long time listener and guest on IE Sports Radio shows for about two years Mike would eventually join the Three And Out team this last passed season where he has teamed up with Kailumnn Reynolds, John Felipe and Larry B. for NFL talk every Wednesday evening.

John Felipe

Cohost of Three And Out

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John Felipe is a double major in Computer Science/Political Science at UNC. He also happens to be one half of THE Brothers Blue, apart of the roaring riot network. You can check his videos out on YouTube or catch him every week on 3 & out during the football season. A connoisseur of all things Panthers, you can interact with him @CarPan423 on Twitter, on The Brothers Blue (or The Riot Report) on YouTube, or @John Felipe on Facebook. I will see your beautiful faces soon, stay blue my friends

Kailumnn Reynolds

Cohost of Three And Out and Basketball Analyst on The Defining Moment

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Meet Minister Kailumnn Reynolds.  He has a passion for God & sports especially baseball, basketball,and football. He has been a sports fan for as long as he can remember introduced to the game by the men in his family.Over the years watching sports has become a big part of his life as it brings different people with different views together and that’s something that he loves.Kailumnn has had the opportunity to watch his favorites Chicago cubs win the World Series, New Orleans Saints win the super bowl, and LeBron James win to get over the hump only one more...let’s go Pelicans. Kailumnn has been a part of the IESportsRadio family for a little of a year where he has been guest on different segments and now is apart of the defining moment and three and out teams. His nickname is FatMac because Faith And Trials Make A Christian. He loves his Saints Gumbo WhoDat Baby! Kailumnn also looks forward to his future endeavors with his new family here at IESportsRadio!!!

Caitlin Siem

Founder and host of Not What It Siem(s) and cohost of The Extra Mile

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Meet Caitlin Siem. Caitlin has been a sports fan since birth, with an affinity for football, hockey, and motorsports of all flavors. She’s a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan first and foremost. While she’s dabbled in many fields, including INDYCAR and NASCAR, her goal is to become a multimedia mogul who you’ll see debating sports on tv someday. Feisty and with more personality than an entire football team combined, she loves getting into shenanigans and having a great time in and out of the sports world.

Gilbert Bautista

Cohost of Ringside

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Gilbert Bautista cohost of Ringside with Vince Wright also part of IE Sports Radio the kings of sports info.

Matt Petrushka

Cohost of Ring Rambling Radio

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I was born and raised in the dallas fort worth, TX area and wrestling has kind of always been in the background. Friends of mine in elementary school were all fans of wrestling so it was easy for me to enjoy it with them with it leading into my involvement in it to this day. I got involved with IE Sports Radio the middle of 2018 (I think?) And have had a blast talking about rasslin with Marteen and Felicia.

Kayle Henderson

Cohost of The Neutral Zone

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Kayle Henderson was born in the center of the United States, Lincoln NE, where you see all 4 seasons multiple times a year. Played all 4 major sports growing up as well as played college football for Concordia University. Worked for Lincoln Stars Hockey a USHL franchise, was an intern at the local ESPN affiliate 1480 & 101.5, & now the cohost of the Neutral Zone presented by IE Sports radio.

Christian Espinosa

Cohost of Three And Out: College Edition

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Brandon Buckingham

Cohost of Bases Loaded

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Brandon Buckingham, avid sports fan since a young age. I can watch and talk sports a day, number one spot is baseball. Have worked on several professional sport teams, been employed with the Arizona Rattlers, Houston Texans, and University of Houston football team. Can follow me on twitter and Instagram at Brandonbuck88

Teran Rodriguez

Cohost of Bases Loaded

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Teran Rodriguez is a 26-year old journalist who is the co-host for Bases Loaded. When Teran isn’t co-hosting, he’s in school, as he is a part-time student at Long Beach State (or Cal State Long Beach if you want to be more specific). When Teran is not in school, he’s covering high school sports in Orange County such as football, volleyball, basketball, water polo, and lacrosse. Teran is also a writer for MaxLax, a lacrosse website, which covers high school lacrosse in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego. Teran graduated from Newport Harbor High School and graduated (or transferred) from Orange Coast College. Teran has also had stints with the Daily Pilot, which is affiliated with the Los Angeles Times.