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The IE Sports Radio Family

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The Defining Moment


If you live for those 4th & 1 three seconds on the clock goal line game deciding plays on the gridiron, those pull up buzzer beaters from outside the arch as the ball sails towards the hoop as time expires on the court, those ninety five mile an hour fastballs that rip through the air over home plate in bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, those one hundred mile an hour slap shots targeting the top corner of the goal like a heat seeking missile from center ice as time expires in the 3rd period, those full speed sprint breakaways from a striker barreling down on the net with only the keeper to beat in the final moments of stoppage time, those punch for punch championship rounds on the canvass, or those wheel to wheel paint exchanging drags darting towards the the line as the checkered flag waves than this show's for you! Join Larry B. every week as he recaps the week of sports and breaks down the following week in everything from the NFL to NASCAR!
NFL, MLS, NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, NPF, NWSL, Boxing, World Soccer, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Softball, NASCAR, Indy Car, F1, NHRA, and more!

The Sports Couples Perspective

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Is a diehard sports fan's perspective different that a casual sports fan's? How about a high school teacher/athlete's perspective on sports versus a preschool teacher's? Or, how about an engaged couple's perspective on sports? What are the discussions like when it comes to participation trophies or athlete safety? Or how about sportsmanship and taking sports "too seriously?" Tune in each week for a very entertaining sports show where Larry and Cecilia B. talk sports from the competition inside the lines to the issues that may be outside of them on The Sports Couple Perspective!

Three And Out: College Edition


College Football. The game that differs from the professionals in so many ways yet it's nearly the same game. Two feet in bounds versus one foot in bounds. A two minute warning versus no two minute warning. There are minor changes are in the game but the game itself is what makes all the difference. Though D1 single may be the farm system for the NFL, D1 double A, Division 2, Division 3, and the NAIA are full of talent working hard to get to the next level. The level of college football doesn't defining the athlete but those athletes define college football as a whole. No matter the level, there is talent, such as a variety of community colleges who may harbor enough talent to defeat some D1 single A teams depending on the year. Join Larry B. each week during the college football season for the latest in the FBS, the FCS, D2, D3, the NAIA, the NJCAA and the CCCAA!

Three And Out


Football. One of the most demanding sports on the face of the Earth. This sport demands the closest to perfection as an athlete can get in overall strength, top end speed, shifty agility, and plenty of thinking in between. Three And Out attempts to deliver that entire atmosphere in podcast form as Larry B. of course brings you a recap and preview of each week throughout the NFL season but there's an extra kick on this show that ignites the fire of every fan who join us. The Prime Time Face Off. Each week the prime time games are set aside for a little something extra. One fan from each team will represent their team and go to battle just like their team in a prime time spotlight in a debate where they will be asked their x factors for the game, to pick a weakness on the other team that they feel their team can use to their advantage, and to recite their game plan while defending their team against their opponent throughout the entire segment. Are you a true diehard who would like to participate in a Prime Time Face Off? Well step right up and be ready to battle. Of course it's all love at the end no matter how the debates may get because football is family. Join Larry B. each week throughout the NFL season for a football show that'll get you as involved as sitting in the stands on Three And Out!

Larry&Cecilia B.

On May 15th 2014, Larry B. was driving home from school and began to think of how fun it would be to talk sports on the radio. He went home, looked up live streaming platforms, downloaded Mixlr, and did his very first show talking sports for one hour. Growing up in the digital era, Larry was no stranger to social media; however, the one platform that stood out to him the most was Twitter. He liked the fact that you can talk to the world and since he's a spots fan, it was a great platform for him to talk all the sports he wanted with sports fans on the planet. Larry B. put two and two together and created IE Sports Radio. He reached out sports fans all over Twitter and brought together one amazing group of podcasters.

Since 2014, Larry B. has been reaching out to sports fans want to join him live on air to talk sports. Whether it's as a guest on one of his shows such as The Defining Moment (All sports) or Three And Out (NFL) which he hosts solo, The Sports Couple Perspective (All sports) which he cohosts with his fiancee Cecilia, or Three And Out: College Edition (College football) which he hosts with Teran Rodriguez, or offering people their own shows. Larry B. and Cecilia met in the spring of 2020 and they are now happily engaged. Cecilia and Larry B. began The Sports Couple Perspective in January of 2021. The Sports Couple Perspective is a fun listen of a diehard sports fan and his not so diehard (at least not yet) fiancee giving opinions and talking issues in sports as well as reviewing sports movies. Three And Out is a head to head debate type of show where fans of each team of primetime games each week go head to head. Three And Out: College Edition is a must listen for all diehard college football fans as Larry B. and Teran talk all college football throughout each division in the NCAA and even the NAIA.

Larry B.'s vision for IE Sports Radio is to create a sports network that doesn't just focus on the mainstream sports, but to talk all sports. As a former high school and college and current semi pro football player, Larry B. understands that all sports are tough to prepare for as an athlete and they should all be appreciated, celebrated, and discussed. To go along with this, he also wanted to create at platform that involved the listeners as much as possible since they are a huge part of podcasting. This tremendously feeds into the concept of Three And Out. When talking about this, Larry B. always likes to refer to former Three And Out cohost John Felipe as he said it best. IE Sports Radio is by the fans for the fans.


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Podcaster/Blog Writer

Aaron X.

Aaron X. was born and raised in central Indiana amongst the sprawling cornfields, country roads, and worn down basketball courts. He attended high school in a rural school with a very successful basketball program. Every Friday night, during the basketball season, the gymnasium would be backed wall-to-wall with fans embedded with Hoosier Hysteria.
Aaron went on to attend college at Ball State University and is a proud Cardinal alum. He went out to get a doctorate degree from another unnamed university in another state.
Aaron X. was raised on Colts football. He and his friends attended many games at the Hoosier Dome and watched the likes of Marshall Faulk, Jeff George and Chris Chandler lead the Colts. In those pre-Peyton Manning days, a ticket could be purchased for about $10 on the street (scalping is legal in Indiana) and a fan could move down to field level.
Aaron loved Indiana basketball of all forms. He remembers fondly the IU Hoosier basketball team winning the 1987 NCAA Tournament. He has been along for the ride when Reggie Miller was selected by the Indiana Pacers in lieu of local favorite Steve Alford, and enjoyed the Pacers’ ride to the 2000 NBA Finals - their only Eastern Conference Championship.
He also enjoyed watching Notre Dame football win the 1989 National Championship.
Put briefly, Aaron X. was raised and ingrained into the Indiana sports scene. His knowledge roots run deep from passionate long term fandom.
Aaron X. was approached by IE Sports Radio (presumably for his smooth as silk speaking voice, soulful cadence, and undisputed expertise ;-) and was more than happy to join the team. Since his premier in early June, 2022, he has been the host of the Crossroads Pod, which airs weekly on Saturday mornings.
He can be reached at @peydirt18 and @CrossroadsPodIE for compliments and pleasantries.


The Crossroads Pod

The Crossroads Pod.jpeg

Indiana is colloquially known as being “The Crossroads of America” because where it is geographically and socially situated.  Indiana is know for its deep love for basketball.  But there is more to the Hoosier State than the hardwood floors.  With the Crossroads Pod, we endeavor to cover everything Indiana sports.  The Crossroads Pod seeks to be objective of all Indiana teams, praising them when warranted, and sharply criticizing them when needed.  The podcast offers a cross section of social issues, statistics, and analysis.  It’s more than cornfields, more than country backroads.  It’s nothing but net!

Teran first started out as a co-host for a variety of shows, but settled in to being the host our volleyball show, Set Point. While volleyball isn’t everyone’s first sport, Rodriguez makes sure to talk ALL THINGS VOLLEYBALL. Teran talks NCAA Men’s, Women’s and Beach Volleyball, the AVP, the NVA and the FIVB. Teran even got to live tweet/cover the 2022 NVA playoffs and could also have a future with the NVA as well. Teran also became the host of The SoCal Supreme Sports Show, our Southern California show. Rodriguez covers all things Southern California pro sports and even throws in some college sports talk as well. In addition to talking Southern California sports, Teran has his weekly Dumb-Dumb of the Week award he gives out whenever someone does or says something dumb. Teran also is the co-host for Three And Out: College Edition with Larry B.

Set Point

Set Point Banner.jpeg

Set Point talks about men's and women's college volleyball as well as high school boys and girls volleyball, collegiate beach volleyball and professional indoor and beach volleyball. Join Teran Rodriguez every week as he talks about which players are a cut above the rest, as well as previews of the top games week in and week out, leading up to the championship game.

Show Link:

COO/Podcaster/Blog Writer

Teran Rodriguez


The SoCal Supreme Sports Show

The SoCal Supreme Sports Show Banner.jpeg

Southern California has been a hotbed for most sports in the world. From the killer crossovers and game-winning three-pointers of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, to the fadeaway jumpers of the Los Angeles Sparks, to the hard-hitting tackles and big touchdowns of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, to the grand slams and fastballs of the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, to the booming kicks of the LA Galaxy and LAFC and to the bone-chilling slap shots of the LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks, the SoCal Supreme Supreme Sports Show leaves no sport in Southern California behind. And let’s not forget the college sports, ranging from the fiery competitiveness of USC and UCLA all the way down to the classy yet grueling rivalry of San Diego and San Diego State.

Show Link:

Podcaster/Chief Editor

Mike Patt

of the IE Sports Radio Blog

IESR Mike Patt.JPG

“Mike patt has been a sports fan for as long as he can remember. At a young age, he would read the newspaper (that’s right, a newspaper) and watch ESPN as if it was his job. While he never had the physical capabilities to play sports, he always enjoyed learning and reading about them. 

During the 2016 NCAA tournament, Mike was invited to appear as a guest on Fast break by then host and old high school classmate Phil Jones. Who else would be on that show? None of that Larry B, founder and CEO of IE Sports radio. Not long after, Mike was invited to do the NFL draft special, and the rest is history. 


Let's Wine About DMV Sports

Let's Wine About DMV Sports Banner.jpeg

Two events in 2018 forever changed Mikes involvement with IE Sports Radio. First, he was hired to work at Total Wine & More, where he developed a enjoyment for learning about and tasting wine and beer. The second was the birth of his son. While a joyous occasion, this event cause him to step away from being an IE Sports regular for a brief time. 

Mike was given the opportunity to have his own show, and took a leap in combing his life long passion for all sports with his new found passion for wine. Hence “Let’s wine about sports” was born; a show where tasting wine and complaining about your favorite sports teams come together. Over two years and 100 episodes later, and it never gets old. 


IE Sports Radio Blog

Mike had been running his own personal blog for some time, so when Larry B asked him for help with the IE Sports Radio blog, he happily obliged. Now the chief editor and head of the team of bloggers, IESR hopes Mike can carry the blog to new heights as the network continues to grow. Mike only has one message; GO DMV SPORTS!

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