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Larry&Cecilia B.

The Sports Couple Perspectives Drop
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Coffee of The Week

Holy Cannoli!


Is a diehard sports fan's perspective different than a casual sports fan's? Or how about a married couple's perspective on sports? What are the discussions like when it comes to participation trophies or athlete safety? Or how about sportsmanship and taking sports "too seriously?’

What if there was a fun show where a couple not only talked about their sports teams and sports issues, but about pop culture and all kinds of interesting topics?

Look no further!

Though this show is dedicated to Cecilia’s and Larry’s SoCal teams and events based on their SoCal location, they promise something for everyone.

Tune in each week as Larry and Cecilia B. talk sports from the competition inside the lines to the issues that may be outside of them, the latest in pop culture, game nights where you can win IESR gear, and even coffee tastings on The Sports Couple Perspective!

This Week's Show:


    How Are Our Teams Doing This Week?

  • Taylor Swift movie

  • Christmas Wish List Ideas

  • The best Christmas presents we recieved as kids.

Salsa Nights

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