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IE Sports Radio Hall of Fame

Class of 2018

Yukio IESR HOF CO18.png

Inductee #1 Yukio Ueda

No matter if our listeners began tuning years ago or recently, we appreciate every one of them; however, we always recognized those who happen to stand out. Yukio Ueda has been tuning in since our first year of being a sports network in 2014 when we were simply a few podcasts on Mixlr. Since then, Yukio has been tuning into every show we have to offer. Yukio 's support goes far beyond just being a listener as he constantly retweets our show links with quotes telling his followers to listen to the show at the link that was posted if they missed it. Yukio even kicks that up a notch and translates those retweets quotes to Japanese as he is from Japan. As we at IE Sport Radio do out best to deliver the best content we can each day, it makes it that much easier when we have listeners like Yukio who not only enjoy our content but help spread the word.

Angela IESR HOF CO18.jpg

Inductee #2 Angela Winstead

Pete IESR HOF CO18.jpg

Three And Out has been a staple of IE Sports Radio since year one in 2014 and what has made it so special is the fact that it consists of diehard fans calling in as guests to talk about their favorite teams. In the fall of 2016, Angela Winstead was a guest for the first time on Three And Out and the rest is history. Since then, she has been a regular on the show repping her Cardinals and participating in many Primetime Face Offs. It wasn't until the summer of 2018 where Angela joined Larry B. on Three And Out: Eight Divisions In Eight Days to talk about her Cardinals before the season that she shared the story of why she's such a diehard Cardinals fan. During a difficult time in Angela's life, Angela reached out to the Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals then reached out to her, invited her out to Arizona, and provided her an experience of a lifetime. Since then, Angela has been a fan and she reps her Cardinals all the way from North Carolina. Her story was so heartfelt on Three And Out that we instantly became her personal fans and she not only ended up in the IE Sports Radio Hall of Fame, but also as a part of our PR Department.

Inductee #3 Pete Garofalo

If there was ever a listener of our network to just drop everything and jump on a show, it was Pete Garafalo. Pete became a listener back in 2016 when he routinely became a guest on Three And Out to talk about his New England Patriots. Knowing that his team has dominated this era of football, Pete remains as humble as he can possibly get. Whenever Pete joins us on the show he's humble, he's the first to tell you what his team needs to correct and most importantly, what his team shouldn't overlook, and his compliments on teams that his team is facing give you all you need to know to show what a class act he truly is. Pete has made his Follow Fridays #FF on Twitter famous as he love to connect with many people and he has even made it a point to let it be known that he has met a lot of those people on Three And Out. Having Pete on the show is an absolute honor and his knowledge of football and all sports is admirable. Recalling a funny moment on Three And Out with Pete was during Eight Divisions In Eight Days with Larry B. and Mike Patt in the summer of 2018. When asking Pete about anything he would change on the team or anything that he dislikes, he quickly made a comment that will echo throughout IE Sports Radio history forever, Pete stated that he was dissatisfied with the quality of the brisket sandwiches at Gillette Stadium. He stated that they weren't what they once were and they no longer gave you extra sauce or the kaiser roll that it used to come with. At that moment, Larry B. and Mike Patt were stunned. Mike then made the comment that it must be nice to have a team where your only complaint about then is the brisket sandwiches at the stadium.

Vince IESR HOF 18.jpg

Inductee #4 Vince Wright

Ladies and gentlemen, he's The Sports Governor of Minnesota and the host of Sports Done Wright, the man the myth the legend, Vince Wright! *Applause* In the summer of 2016 when Larry B. joined BS3 Radio's Ben Sudderth III on The BS3 Sports Show to talk about the College World Series, Larry B. also jumped in the chat room and socialized with all Ben's listeners. One of those listeners just so happened to be Vince Wright. Vince gave Larry B. a follow and Larry B. followed back. In January of 2017, Larry B. tuned into Sports Done Wright for the first time and after much communication in the Sports Done Wright chat room on Spreaker, Larry followed Vince on Twitter. The next week Larry B. tuned back into Sports Done Wright and heard Vince talk about how much he loved boxing. Larry then reached out to Vince and invited him to join IE Sports Radio to do a combat sports show. Vince accepted and for the next two and a half years. Ringside with Vince Wright and Gilbert Bautista was the IE Sports Radio combat sports show. Though Vince was unable to continue the show passed the summer of 2019 due to a busy schedule, his legacy on IE Sports Radio will forever remain. Vince brought a passion for the sport of boxing to our network that we definitely enjoyed and we are proud to have had him as a member of the IE Sports Radio family.

Derek Ciapala IESR HOF 19.jpg

Class of 2019

Inductee #5 Derek Ciapala

In the fall of 2018, Derek Ciapala made his first appearance on Three and Out as he participated in a Primetime Face Off. Later on that season, Derek returned to participate in one of the most legendary Primetime Face Offs to date as he and a few more Rams fans took on a three Patriots fans for Super Bowl LIII. Yes, IE Sports Radio Hall of Famer Pete Garofalo was in attendance. The very next season Derek returned for Eight Divisions In Eight Days and a few more Primetime Face Offs in 2019. As natural as being on air came for Derek, there was a reason. Back in 2013, Derek Ciapala founded The Gridiron Sports Network in which he and his colleagues hosted Talk Rams and Talkin' Halos out of. Writing countless blogs and hosting countless shows, Derek Ciapala has become elite in both categories of media and he continues to create great content.


Inductee #6 Julie Voigt

In 2018, Larry B. reached out to Julie to be a guest on Three And Out to participate in a Primetime Face Off. Not only did Julie show up and compete she dominated. Julie's knowledge of her Indianapolis Colts is vast and it was no surprise when she mentioned that she was a Colts season ticket holder. Since her Three And Out Debut, Julie has returned to the show many times and she continues to bring it every appearance. Julie cohosts the Pro Football Guru podcast along with Russell Baxter and this says it all that she knows her football. 

Stephany IESR HOF CO19.jpg

Inductee #7 Stephany Rahimian

In the fall of 2018, Larry B. reached out to Stephany asking if she would like to participate in a Primetime Face Off. Stephany declined; however, she reached out to one of her friends, Micah Farias to participate instead. Micah competed and he brought the kind of fire that Primetime Face Offs thrive off of. As Stephany and Larry B. became friends, Stephany invited Larry B. to his first ever Raider game in 2018 when they traveled to Los Angeles to take on her Chargers. It was a memorable experience for each of them as they shared many laughs and competitive moments. Stephany is a Chargers season ticket holder and in the 2018/2019 season, her and a group of diehard Charger fans, including Micah, traveled to the majority of Charger games when they were on the road including to England when they took on the Titans. Stephany and her sister even traveled to Mexico last season as their Chargers took on the Chiefs. Stephany is the definition of a diehard fan as she even tied one of her main loves, make up, into her love for her Chargers creating her Instagram account @beautyandthebolts and her YouTube channel Beauty and the Bolts.

Pending Picture

Inductee #8 Ashton

It was the fall of 2018 and the Dallas Cowboys were set for a prime time match up. What does that mean? It was time to find a Cowboys fan for a Prime Time Face Off. Larry B. searched for a Cowboys fan and he found one of the biggest diehard Cowboy fans he had ever met when he met Ashton. From that day forward, Ashton became a regular on Three And Out and he's participated in some memorable Prime Time Face Offs repping his Cowboys!

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