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Patti Bax


Sports Legend has it Patti Bax was born with a football in her hand. The second oldest daughter in her family, Patti was born in Ohio Valley Hospital in McKees Rocks, PA. One would think that being born in Pennsylvania automatically means you are destined to be a black and gold Pittsburgh Steelers fan. This was not the case, when Patti, at the age of two, moved with her family to Niagara Falls, New York, the famous city north of Buffalo. Her mom, a devoted Steelers fan, soon opened her heart and embraced the Buffalo Bills, the team of her new home. She quickly indoctrinated her daughter as a loyal fan.


Patti is one of the most faithful and passionate Buffalo Bills fans in Western New York. Attending games since the age of seven, Patti went to all four of the Bills’ Super Bowls, flew to London to see the Bills play on her birthday, has traveled to numerous road games, and is a season ticket holder for over 32 years. Rain, snow, wind, or cold won’t keep Patti from cheering on her favorite team. She’s often known for going to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, welcoming the team back after amazing performances, including the end of the 17-year play-off drought on December 31, 2017.


When she’s not cheering on her team, Patti is soaking in all she can about the players and coaches to learn more about the human side of Buffalo sports. Patti and her beloved sister, Mary, who passed away from ovarian cancer in May of 2021, were lovingly nicknamed the “Bills Mafia Sisters”, by retired Bills linebacker, Lorenzo (Zo) Alexander. Patti still maintains a friendship with Zo, as well as with the parents of now Minnesota Viking, Harrison Phillips.


Patti is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree from Niagara University and a Masters in Counselor Education from Canisius College. She is currently the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for a state Smokers’ Quitline. In addition to her love for the Bills, Patti enjoys walking, reading, writing, music, concerts, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.


Patti vows to be at the front of the parade when the Bills win the Super Bowl. Go Bills!

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